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About Us

Since 1969, Coleman Carpet Cleaners has been locally owned and operated by the Coleman family. Almost 20 years ago John’s son Michael joined in and they’ve been working together ever since. Truth be told, Michael’s been involved longer than that: when Coleman’s was a new start-up, there wasn’t a “shop” to clean upholstery and area rugs like we’ve got today. It was all done at their residence. John tells stories of cleaning rugs out on their cement driveway with Michael (about two years old at the time) standing on top of the shampooer, gripping hard with his little fingers and toes, “working” alongside John.

Today, with an IICRC licensed and trained crew, John and Michael are proud of the cleaning teams, friendly and responsive staff, and Coleman’s commitment to having happy, satisfied customer for years to come. We’d like to take this moment to say “thank you!” for supporting small, local businesses.