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Hot Tip #3

“You say vacuuming is so important. Which vacuum should I buy?”

John’s Answer:

I don’t want to recommend a particular brand but your new vacuum should have these features:

(1) Powerful Motor with Effective Air flow—today’s better machines with their 10-12 amp twin-fan motors, are much more powerful than the machines of a few years ago. More power means more suction for deeper cleaning and enough force to push the air through the latest filters.

(2) High-Efficiency Filtration Systems—technology brings far better dust bags with “micron filters” that easily trap the tinniest dirt particles and allergens. Premium machines also filter exhaust air!

(3) Effective Brush/Beater Bar— that’s the rolling pin with brushes that actually bounces and sweeps the dirt out of your carpet. Suction can’t do it alone. And today’s units automatically adjust to carpet height so you don’t have to guess.

Our friends at Bob’s Vacuum are happy to assist in selecting the best vacuum for your home!