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Don’t Try This At Home

Certain substances require very special solvents and techniques, so we recommend you call Coleman’s if your stain fits into the following categories.


If you can’t resist doing something, blot immediately with a dry paper towel and then call us. Our special ink removers usually work but some indelible inks never come out. Be very careful with felt-tip pens because the tips can break off and sink down into the fibers. Then, the next time we clean your carpeting, our moist cleaners bleed the ink up to the surface and we have a spot that wasn’t there when we started.


Just let it dry and don’t touch it! And please don’t use polish remover because it’ll just spread the stain. We can usually trim it off the top of plush carpet but will have to replace a small section if you have looped-pile carpeting.


Unless it’s from a white candle or simple paraffin, we have to remove the wax and coloring dye in a two-step process. Even then, some of the dyes give us real trouble.


You can spot clean light cooking oil but the darker oils require a special procedure using solvents. A first-timer can easily melt the latex on the carpet’s backing using a solvent so we’re very careful with this one.


Many foods contain dyes that just won’t come out with your home-spotting bottle, so be sure to check the food label if you know the source of your stain. Gatorade seems to come out with a new color every month and they all contain strong dyes. Another problem dye is the blue/purple they use in toilet-bowl cleaners. Be sure to let us help you with this one.


If it’s still wet, try to quickly scrape the paint off the top of your carpeting and then keep it covered with a damp towel until we can get there. It can be a real problem if it sinks down into the carpet and backing because it will gradually wick back up to the surface when dampened.


If you’re not sure what to do, just give Coleman Care a call. We serve primarily in Goleta and Santa Barbara. We can often talk you through a solution on the phone. However, when it comes to a complicated stain on expensive carpeting or a rug you treasure, we’d rather take responsibility for the save so you don’t have to.

For typical carpet stains, be sure to swing on by our Spotting Guide.