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Hot Tip #6

“What can I do about the small bleach stains left in my carpet by dripped bathroom cleaner and acne medicine?”

John’s Answer:

These are usually pretty easy to take care of—it just takes patience and some minor surgery.

1. First, be sure the discoloration extends no more than 1/3 of the way down the carpet fiber. If it doesn’t, and the spot is no larger than a nickel, prepare for surgery.

2. Pull the bleached fibers up with your fingers, a few at a time, and clip them off just below the bleach stain with small, sharp scissors. Repeat until the discolored fiber tips are gone, leaving a small indentation.

3. With the blade of a kitchen or pocket knife held perpendicular to the floor (the way barbers used to shave men’s faces with a straight razor), briskly brush the indentation back and forth for a few seconds. This blossoms the fiber tips, and makes the indentation much less noticeable.

Caution: Use on plush or cut pile carpeting only! Do NOT attempt on looped carpets like Berbers. And remember, you can always call us for alternative solutions.