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Hot Tip #7

“What’s the best way to take care of fine area rugs and beautiful orientals?”

John’s Answer:

As I’ve said before in this booklet, regular vacuuming can add years to the life of all carpets and rugs.

But here’s a tip you may not know about rugs and orientals.

1. Take the rug out of your house to a clean spot on the garage floor or out on the patio. Put down an old bed-sheet if you can’t find a clean enough spot.

2. Lay the rug face-down and, using an upright model, vacuum the rug’s back side for several minutes! Be sure the height adjustment on the upright is set for the short-pile setting to create enough vibrating action.

3. Turn the rug back to see the dirt that’s been vibrated onto the floor/sheet!

4. Run the vacuum again on the good side to pick up the pile and get rid of the surface dust.