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Hot Tip #8

“What can I do to prolong the life of my upholstered furniture?”

John’s Answer:

I have several recommendations that can really help.

  1. Vacuum furniture regularly; about every three months.
  2. Turn cushions over regularly (every two months). Even switch a cushion’s position on the couch if possible.
  3. Take soft cushions and pillows outside for a good “puff-up” session. It’s a great way to work off stress.
  4. All fabric is sensitive to ultraviolet rays. Be sure to tint any windows that shed direct light on furniture. (Try our new protectant UV SunBlock!)
  5. In addition to window-tinting, try to rotate chairs around a room or dining room table to even out the fading that naturally occurs.
  6. For most spills and stains, call us ASAP. We’ll use the special cleaning formulas most fabrics now require.