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Hot Tip #9

“How can I get merlot or burgundy wine out of white carpeting?”


John’s Answer:

Red wine stains can be really tough, but follow these steps and you should be OK.

1. If the spill is fresh, blot with a white terry cloth towel or clean sponge.

2. Spray with Coleman’s Spot Cleaner or I tsp Ivory Liquid in 1 pint water; kneed gently with fingers or soft brush and blot.

3. Spray with clear, fresh water and blot again with terry towel.

4. Cover the area with a generous layer of table salt; leave overnight, then vacuum up in the morning.

This works well most of the time. If it doesn’t, call us and we’ll send out a stain removal specialist.

For more information, check out our Spotting Guide.