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How To Get Gum Out Of The Carpet


One of the most common things that give parents headaches is when their kid starts chewing a piece of gum. You never know where it’ll end up! Chances are the piece of gum will end up in a place that’s impossibly hard to clean such as their hair, in their pocket, or on your carpet. If you pick up the gum right away, no harm is done, but if the gum is pressed against the carpet, hair, or pocket, it turns into a nasty, gooey, frustrating mess that is infuriating to deal with.

Thankfully Coleman has a few tips up our sleeves that can help you remove the gum from your carpets.


One of the easiest methods to get sticky residue off the carpet is with ice. Ice is simple to obtain and should be in every household. Simply press the ice against the area the gum has gotten stuck and eventually the gum will become hard and brittle. This makes it easy for you to scrape up.


Dump a small bit of vinegar and let it soak in the gum for 15 minutes. Eventually, the acidic properties of vinegar will allow you to scrape up the gum.

Goo Gone 

Goo Gone works well for getting gum out of the carpet as well. However, this option is less convenient unless you already have it in the house.

If none of these work, give Coleman Carpet Cleaners a call. If you live near Santa Barbara, Goleta, or Montecito, our professional carpet cleaners are more than happy to assist you in any cleaning!