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Introduce To Customer Account Executive

Can I take a sec to introduce you to our Customer Account Executive, Dolores Lugo? Ms. Lugo came to Coleman’s just after the Thomas Fire had roared through town, with the atrocious Debris Flow following closely behind. We were in crisis mode and needed help! From the moment she walked through the front door (to the angels singing and holy light shining upon her), she has been hyper-organized, ultra-efficient and detail-oriented (thank goodness!!).

Dolores Lugo

But we want you to get to know Dolores, not just hear about her vocational skills, right?

Were you to walk into her office, you’d likely hear Andrea Bocelli floating gloriously from her computer, see colorful orchids placed around her workspace and beautiful quotes on her wall.

Ask her about her pride and joy and Dolores will speak tenderly about her beloved father or her adult son, James. She’s definitely motivated by family ties! In her free time you’ll find her reading through books like a speed reader studying for finals AND she remembers every detail. Honestly? Her mind is a steel trap (I kid you not!) and she remembers customer details in the same way. No wonder her spirit animal is an elephant!


When you receive one of our Swag Bags (her idea!), you’ll understand her attention to detail. What was once a Coleman’s Spotter and some booties has morphed into a fun little goody you’ll enjoy. She’s always looking for ways to improve your experience!

Dolores is responsible for everything customer-related and eager to help! When you call, she’ll remember you years from now!

Thanks for your continued support of our small business. We appreciate you more than you know,