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Introducing New Protectant UV SunBlock™

Coleman Carpet Cleaners is pleased to announce our new product UV SunBlock™!

Just like sunscreen that protects your skin from damages caused by over sun exposure, our UV SunBlock™ protects your valuable furnishing from UV rays. As a protective coating, UV SunBlock™ absorbs sun energy from damaging UV rays and transforms it to a harmless form. With this protectant, you don’t have to worry about color fading or fiber degradation anymore!

UV SunBlock™ is ideal for:

    •  Drapes
    •  Tapestries
    •  Rugs
    •  Carpets
    •  Patio Furniture
    •  Furniture
    •  Sheers
    •  Clothing
    •  Auto Interiors
    •  More! 


Here at Coleman Carpet Cleaners, we won’t recommend a product unless we try it ourselves! See the little experiment we did with this product:

Coleman-Carpet UV SunBlock Experiment

The one with UV SunBlock™ not only preserves color better, but also has a softer touch. See the huge difference that UV SunBlock™ makes!  We can not recommend this product enough!

Call us today to learn more about how UV SunBlock™ can protect your furnishings!

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