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The Badger

Often times my customers ask if we can’t just clean their area rugs in their home, rather than bringing them into our shop.

I understand how much more convenient it is to have everything cleaned at your home, but after 46 years of experience, I’ve learned that there are benefits to bringing them in. With area rugs, the benefit is two-fold:

  1. There’s a step we do in the shop which we can’t do in the field. We have a piece of equipment, the BADGER (Bugs, Allergen, Dirt & Grit Extractor for Rugs), which we use before we do anything else. By placing the rug face down and running the BADGER over it once, twice, or sometimes three times, we are able to knock out many years’ worth of dirt and grime. Watch the video below to see what I’m talking about.

    This fine grit acts like sandpaper with each step you take and actually breaks down the fibers in your rug much more quickly. Taking care to remove this deep dirt will extend the life of your beloved area rug by years!

  2. The second benefit to having your rugs cleaned here rather than on-site is we’re able to provide a deeper clean. If we’re cleaning your rug on site, we don’t want to get it too wet, especially if we’re cleaning it on a hardwood floor and if there’s no pad under the rug then we need to get it even less wet.

When we clean your rug in our shop, we’re able to deep clean the rug, hang it up to dry with Air Movers stationed underneath it and we’re able to re-clean any areas that may need it. By the time we return your rug to you, you can rest assured that we’ve gotten it as clean as we possibly can!