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Hotels and Estate Management

Rooms unavailable to guests mean a loss of revenue. We get it. And that’s exactly why Coleman’s is a great choice for helping with the cleaning needs at your hotel, vacation rentals, or estate management. 

Let us assist with keeping rooms/rentals available by:

    • Working with your schedule to determine best on-site cleaning days and times
    • Rotating the cleaning of your upholstery on an ongoing, as needed basis
    • Expedited turn-around times on items that must be cleaned in our shop
    • Providing commercial drying equipment to reduce necessary drying time by up to half
    • And when those dreaded emergencies happen…we do everything in our means to get there ASAP to tend to those needs.

Let us handle the stress of this portion of hotel and estate management. You’ve got better things to do.


We’re your one-stop restaurant cleaning company

A few of our services include:

    • Wall-to-wall carpeting
    • Tiled entry areas
    • Banquette/booth and upholstery cleaning
    • Floor to ceiling draperies
    • Patio upholstery cleaning
    • Area rugs

Let Coleman’s take care of the special cleaning requirements of your restaurant:

    • Protectant applications to resist potential problems caused by red wine, coffee and grease spills, for both carpeting and upholstery
    • Flexible cleaning schedule
    • Degreasing agents to use on particularly high traffic areas
    • Commercial drying equipment for speedier dry time


We’re happy to put your dining establishment on a cyclical cleaning schedule and we’ll call you for scheduling so you won’t have to worry about one more thing.


Commercial accounts have special requirements for cleaning due to the nature of your business. Perhaps an after-hours cleaning is needed? The weekend? And how do you get the word out to your staff to prep for a carpet cleaning?

Relax…we’ve got this!

We’ll provide a free cleaning estimate for planning and fiscal purposes for your:

    • Carpeting
    • Upholstery
    • Area Rugs 
    • Draperies
    • Cubicle Dividers
    • Tiled areas
    • Interim cleanings are available quarterly or bi-annually for heavy traffic areas:
      • The copy room
      • Conference area
      • Staff lounge
      • Reception area

We know you’ve got a lot going on…let us take this task off your To-Do list by providing:

    • prep guidelines for your staff so they can get ready for our cleaning team
    • reminder calls for complete and interim cleanings
    • flexible cleaning times to accommodate your schedule
    • industrial drying systems if drying time is an issue


And all of these perks are just a part of the Coleman Care service…no hidden “extra” fees mean no budgetary surprises!