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Allergy Tips

Controlling Dust Mites: If you are like many of our customers, you have probably grown to accept the chronic allergies, hay fever, and asthma that plague you day in and day out. But what if we told you that there was a cure to your sniffling and sneezing apart from taking any medication whatsoever.
Allergy Tips Dust Mites

The fact is that this monster like creature to your left could be causing you more trouble than you think. This is a magnified picture of one of the millions of dust mites that may be roaming your comfy spots right now. Dust mites are tiny little critters that thrive in warm, humid places such as your mattresses, pillows, bedding, carpets, and furniture. But don’t worry, these little devils can’t bite or hurt you. In fact, it’s not the mite itself but their feces that trigger your allergies! It’s a bit gross…we know.

That’s why we suggest these 5 simple steps to help keep your house clean and critter free.

1. Reduce your home’s humidity by using air conditioning or installing a dehumidifier. They hate dry air.

2. Vacuum your carpets, furniture and mattresses as often as you can using a HEPA filter or your standard vacuum.(If you’re in need of a good vacuum, please give our friends at Bob’s Vacuum a call…they’re VERY helpful!)

3. Steam clean your carpets and upholstery every year whether they look dirty or not.

4, Use furniture polish when you dust so you don’t just spread around the dust.

5. Buy a HEPA filter-type air purifier (make sure it’s not an ion-generating filter)