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Area Rug Care

Care Tips for your Area Rugs: Imagine buying an original work of art worth thousands of dollars, then taking it home and walking all over it. That’s exactly what we do with our Oriental Rugs. By following these tips your rugs will endure for decades.

“Beating” the Rug:
Your grandma might have gotten her cardiovascular exercise beating her rugs with a broomstick. Now there’s an easier way to get the dust out. Try this special trick from time to time at home.

To “beat” your rug, place face down a clean garage floor or patio. Vacuum the backside, setting the vacuum for short pile to create plenty of vibration. You’ll be amazed at how much dirt drops out to the concrete using this method. Turn the rug back over, and vacuum the topside to remove surface dust.

Fringe: High pressures of vacuuming can cause fringe to tear or come loose so avoid the fringe when vacuuming. We recommend that you lightly brush the fringe with a broom.

Moth Damage: Wool Orientals are especially susceptible to moths that lay their eggs in dark, undisturbed areas. One favorite spot is under heavy, seldom-moved furniture. Be sure to vacuum these areas at least three to four times a year.

Bleeding: Many area rugs are decorated with fugitive dyes (“bleeding” colors). Before attempting to do your own spot removal on an area rug, test to make sure there are no fugitive dyes involved. Just moisten a towel with your cleaning solution and rub a small area at the corner of the rug. If any color appears on the towel then there are fugitive dyes in the rug. Allow us to clean those spots without damaging the coloration.

Spot treatment: Immediate action always produces the best results. First, scrape off any solid material or blot up liquid with a soft terry-cloth or paper towel. Wool rugs are sensitive to strong cleaners so use a spray bottle of warm water mixed with one teaspoon of hair shampoo to wet the spot. Next, message the pile in the direction of the nap with your fingertips or a soft brush. Finally, spray and blot the area several times using a mixture of two tablespoons of white vinegar in 12oz of clean water.

Padding: We recommend that padding be placed beneath area rugs. It limits the affects of foot traffic and also prevents bunching and sliding (which can be a tripping hazard). We can help you pick the right pad, and install it for you with a perfect fit to your rug.

Professional Cleaning: Many rugs still look clean even though they haven’t been cleaned for years. Professional cleaning is important because it extracts dirt and dust that vacuuming cannot remove. The grit that settles in will eventually wear through the fibers at their base, making the rug look much older.