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In-Home Cleaning After Care

In order to receive the maximum benefit from your cleaning:

    1. It’s ideal to open the windows a few inches to let a natural breeze flow through your home to aide in the drying process.
    2. While it’s tempting to crank up the heater to dry things out faster, we don’t recommend this, unless you open some windows slightly. Heat without enough ventilation creates more of a green-house effect, extending the drying time. Ceiling fans or other types of fans help circulate the air and your carpets will dry faster.
    3. Wear the booties we provide, but be sure to take them off when you go into the garage or the front door step. You want to keep as much dirt off your damp carpeting as possible.
    4. When we move furnishings to clean under them, we will put those items back in their original place, but we’ll put them up on foam blocks or protective pads. We recommend leaving these blocks/pads in place for three to four days. They are preventing interface between, say, a steel tack on the bottom of a furniture leg that may rust when it comes in contact with damp carpeting, so you don’t want to remove the chips/blocks too soon.

      (Note: IF you are unable to remove the chips/blocks, give us a call and we’ll swing by and take care of that for you.)

    5. Floor mats under desk chairs: these, too, need to stay off the floor for three or four days.
    6. Remember, if any of those pesky spots return within 30 days of our cleaning, call us back. We’ll take care of it … for free! It’s all part of our Coleman Care guarantee!