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Upholstery Care

To Prevent Wear and Fading:

Flip Cushions regularly (every two months). Even switch a cushion’s position on the couch, if possible.
Sun Block: UV rays are harmful to fabric causing discoloration and fading. Use tinted windows, blinds, or (if décor permits) position the furniture to prevent your upholstery from being exposed to direct sunlight. Or, simply have us apply a UV SunBlock, which interacts with fibers at a molecular level to prevent sun damage.
Rotate furniture around a room or dining room table to prevent uneven ware and fading.

Vacuuming should be done regularly, about every three months.

Fabric Protection helps upholstery repel dirt, spills, and stains. Most fabric is treated before it leaves the factory, but those products wear away in time. If you want to protect your sofa from drips and dribbles, then give us a call. A good professional cleaning, including the reapplication of fabric protector, will do the trick.

Dangers of Do-it-Yourself Spotting: There’s a difference between a band-aid accident and a trip-to-the-doctor accident. Unfortunately, most accidents involving upholstery need the doctor’s care.

With so many types of fabric available, each responding differently to water and detergent, it takes a cleaning doctor to know just the right cleaning process to prescribe. Improper cleaning techniques can cause halos (white rings around a dirty spot) and watermarks (brown patterns that indicate where the fabric has been wetted). In our years of practice, we’ve learned to prevent these problems. We’ve also learned to identify the shrinkers, the bleeders, the faders-and to treat them accordingly. So if you’re considering a band-aid approach, we recommend calling the “doctor” instead. There’s a good chance we can cure it, without the side effects. And we even make house calls!

Don’t Wait Too Long: Some sofas hide dirt so well that you can go for years without even thinking about it. But just because you don’t notice the dirt, doesn’t mean it’s not there. A sofa can go from brand new to dingy and you’d hardly even notice. Our customers often tell us how surprised they are when they see the difference a professional cleaning makes. If your sofa gets as much use as mine does, I recommend cleaning it every 18 to 24 months.