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Cash And Carry

If you bring your items to our shop for cleaning and then pick them up again when they’re ready to return to your home, we’ll give you a 20% discount. We call it the Cash & Carry Discount, which is only partially accurate. Sure, you need to carry your own items (of course, we’ll help offload and reload once you’re here!), but you don’t have to pay with cash…we also take checks and VISA or MasterCard.

20% discount for items of $100.00 or more 10% discount for items under $100.00.

Cash & Carry drop offs & pickups are by appointment. Please call our office at (805) 683-2305 to schedule your appointment.

Any which way you look at it, and whatever you call it, it’s a great deal. And if you’ve got a recommendation of a new name, let us know!