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Pets, smoke, age, environment. All of these things (and more!) contribute to odors which linger in:

    • Carpeting
    • Area Rugs
    • Upholstery
    • Draperies

Depending upon the source, we have products that chemically react to and remove the offending odors – they don’t just mask it. Some are simple to remove while others require heroic measures. And unfortunately some odors, regardless of what anyone tells you, simply won’t budge. (And, on a final note, please remember that your four-legged family members have a much keener sense of smell and may still smell areas they’ve marked…areas undetected by our merely human noses.)


For particularly stubborn smells, in some cases we can use our ozonator. Ozone is basically tri-oxygen (O3). The third oxygen molecule fastens itself to odors and, voila, removes the smell! While it feels like magic, it’s really just simple chemistry.