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It’s not uncommon for carpeting to have a protectant coating when you purchase it. Over time, these products wear off due to:

    • Age and everyday foot traffic
    • Harsh cleaning and spotting agents
    • Deodorizing and disinfecting sprays
    • Ozone and other pollutants 

Leaving your carpets unprotected leaves them vulnerable to:

    • Permanent stains
    • Worn-looking traffic areas
    • Spills that won’t clean up easily
    • Soil that clings to carpet


Scotchgard™ Carpet & Rug Protector

    • Triple action protection formula – repels spills, blocks stains and resists soiling
    • Most fresh spills clean up easily with just water
    • Strong stain protection pushes spills away from fibers
    • Limits reappearing spots by neutralizing sticky residue that other spray cleaners leave behind
    • Won’t change the look or feel of carpet and rugs 

UV SunBlock™ 

UV SunBlock™ is designed to help prevent the fading of colors and the degradation that can result when fiber surfaces are exposed to the sun’s damaging ultra-violet rays.


    • Drapes
    • Tapestries
    • Rugs
    • Carpets
    • Patio Furniture
    • Furniture
    • Sheers
    • Clothing
    • Auto Interiors
    • More!


How it Works?

More than just blocking the sun’s ultra-violet rays, UV SunBlock™ actually protects fiber surfaces by absorbing the energy from these damaging rays and then releasing it back out in a harmless form. UV SunBlock™ stops UV rays at the surface, preventing them from reaching the protected surfaces.

ForceField® Fabric Protector

ForceField® is our go-to protectant for your upholstery and new area rugs and carpeting, which:

    • Creates a protective finish the effectively resists soils and stains
    • Is safe for all fabrics and fibers, including silk, leather and sisal
    • Is a solvent formulation that dries quickly
    • Should be re-applied after cleaning, or once a year, to maintain proper level of protection