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Over time, wear and tear on your carpeting and area rugs calls for additional TLC. And, yep, Coleman’s can help.

Area Rug Repair

As your favorite area rugs begin to show signs of wear, it’s best to take handle it right away. We can:

    • Hand wrap edges
    • Hand secure ends
    • Repair holes
    • Re-latex deteriorated backings
    • Some moth damage can be repaired as well


Protect your investment now and extend the life of your rug.

Carpeting Repair:

Patching: Maybe something got spilled (bleach, nail polish, etc.) and you’ve tried everything, from home remedies to The Professionals. Still no luck. With a remnant, we can insert a patch and make it look (almost) like new!

Restretching: Over the years, carpeting gets wrinkles too! But that doesn’t necessarily mean you need to replace it — a simple re-stretching will pull the carpeting taut once again and you’re good to go for another several years.

Reinstalling: Perhaps a pet, over-eager to escape confinement, has pulled up the carpeting at the threshold, or a new slider has been installed and you’re in need of a small re-install. Yes, we do that too!