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  • Our Story

    Our Story

    It all began in the summer of '69. I had just graduated from UCSB and needed a job. A friend told me about a guy who was looking for help cleaning carpets in Isla Vista. Boy, did I see some dirty carpets out there! That summer I bought his small business and began cleaning Santa Barbara carpets out of the trunk of my '52 Chevy.. Read More
  • Our Story Cont.

    Our Story Cont.

    To attract new business, I advertised that I'd clean any size living room, dining room and hallway for just $39.90. That was a great deal, even in 1969! I'll never forget the day a nice lady in Hope Ranch responded to my ad and ushered me into her living room. Her living room stretched as far as the eye could see. "You did say any size living room, didn't you?"... Read More
  • Our Story Conclusion

    Our Story Conclusion

    It was two long days and several blisters before I finally received a well-deserved check for $39.90. By keeping my promise, I won a loyal customer who still sends her friends our way. I may have learned more that day than I did in four years of college. I was beginning to learn the meaning of integrity, which has been the foundation of my business ever since. Now, when I run into customers on State Street or in a restaurant, it feels great to get a warm smile and sincere handshake. When you treat a customer like a friend, the work's a lot more rewarding and the years just fly by. Read More
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As an essential business, we’re still here for you! Our teams, for safety purposes, are careful to wear all PPE recommended by the CDC, the State of California and the County of Santa Barbara, both in your homes and at our shop.

When our technicians are in your home, we kindly request that you follow all the safety protocols as well.  Many customers will head out during our appointment (our equipment CAN be a little noisy!) or hang out in another room where we aren’t cleaning.

If you’d like to bring an item to our shop for cleaning to take advantage of our Cash & Carry 20% discount, we’re scheduling drop-offs and pick-ups so we only have one customer at our shop at a time. Just give us a ring (or send a text, or email, or carrier pigeon).
Office hours continue to be Monday thru Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

We’re grateful for your business, and here to serve you in this interesting life-shift.

Be good to yourself!