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Carpet Cleaning by Coleman Carpet Cleaners

Our Five Step Cleaning Process

Customers always ask us the same question: How long should I expect my cleaning to last? It’s a good question, rooted in past experience. You see, most other carpet cleaners fail to remove the wet or dry chemicals they apply to “clean” your carpeting. Their initial results may look good but the chemical residue they leave behind begins to attract dirt like a magnet. Four to six weeks later, your carpet may look like it’s never even been cleaned.

We solved this common problem years ago by developing our unique five-step cleaning process. It leaves your carpet free of residue and produces beautiful, soft carpeting that stays clean much longer. Here’s how it works.

  • Vacuum: After carefully moving furniture, we thoroughly vacuum to remove any loose soil.
  • Pre-Spot & Edging: Traffic areas and problem spots get particular attention from our special cleaning formulas, we also clean corners and edges.
  • Shampoo: A gentle, pH-balanced shampoo is still the best way to loosen even the toughest stains and hidden soil. Most cleaners skip this essential step.
  • Clear Rinse Extraction: Then, every carpet fiber is rinsed with specially treated clear water in a separate procedure using our own custom-designed equipment. Dirt, grime, and any leftover cleaning agents are rinsed out and sucked away. Thanks to this extra step and our attention to detail, we’re known as Santa Barbara’s Premier Carpet Cleaner.
  • Brush Nap: This final manicuring step helps your carpets dry soft and beautiful. Twenty-four hours later, your carpets are ready for company and compliments.