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Upholstery Cleaning by Coleman Carpet Cleaners

Upholstery Cleaning

Art, Science and A Bit Of Luck

At Coleman’s, every furniture cleaning job is unique. Sometimes, we have to use a different cleaning technique on each cushion of the same sofa. Print fabrics actually have ink painted on the surface of the fibers. We have to remove the dirt and oil without removing any ink and fading the beautiful color print. We call some jacquards “bleeders” because if we don’t carefully follow the right cleaning procedure, the color from one fiber can bleed into an adjacent fiber and you’ll think we delivered the wrong chair to your house. The natural Haitian kinds of cotton often harbor hidden dangers. Small brown flecks of cotton bowl shells are left in the yarn and may produce an ugly brown stain when dampened. It makes spot cleaning them difficult if you’ve tried it yourself, only to find a brown ring around the area you cleaned. We treat the faders and bleeders with kid gloves—and very special cleaning techniques.