Serving The Santa Barbara Area Since 1969

It all began in the summer of ’69. Having just graduated from UCSB, John Coleman needed work and heard about a cleaning company for sale. That summer he bought the small business and began cleaning Santa Barbara carpets out of the trunk of his ’52 Chevy. To attract new business, he advertised that he’d clean any size living room, dining room, and hallway for just $39.90. That was a great deal, even in 1969! He’ll never forget the day a nice lady in Hope Ranch responded to his ad and ushered me into her living room. Her living room stretched as far as the eye could see. “You did say any size living room, didn’t you?” It was two long days before he finally received a well-deserved check for $39.90. By keeping his promise, he won a loyal customer who still sends her friends our way. He may have learned more that day than he did in four years of college. He was beginning to learn the meaning of integrity and we work diligently to carry it on.