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Area Rug Cleaning

Today’s designing trends have led to more hard surface flooring and more area rugs. You’ll need to take special care of your area rugs, and you’ll want to be sure to have them professionally cleaned periodically to protect your investment between once a year (higher traffic areas) and every three years (formal living rooms used for the holidays). Even though your rug may look clean, fine dirt particles settle at the base of the carpeting and act like sandpaper, wearing out the fibers in your rug.
We like to make your area rug cleaning as painless as possible! Included in our pricing is the cost of pick-up and delivery. We’ll even move the furniture that’s on top of the area rug, and reinstall the rug after we’re done with our cleaning. (Or, if you want to save 20%, you can “lug your rug” to our plant, then pick it up when we call you to let you know we’re done with the cleaning.)
So what’s our cleaning process?
First, we’ll “badger”: the Badger is a modern-day rug beater which we run over the back of your rug, knocking all sorts of particles, dust, and other “gunk” out of your rug. Then we vacuum the back side, doing our best to remove dust, pet hair, and other debris. We then flip the rug and look for problem areas. We’ll treat those with the appropriate spot cleaner and spend some time finessing those spots.
Next is our gentle shampoo process, followed by our final rinse, using hot, soft water. We make certain there are no suds or dirt left in your area rug, ensuring that nothing is left behind to act as a magnet for dirt. We’ll dry the rugs with turbo dryers then inspect to see if any areas or fringe need to be touched up. And finally, we’ll manicure your rug, making certain you’ll be pleased with the final result.
Note: if your area rug is an antique, we’ll take different steps to clean it (effective – yes!) yet taking into consideration the delicate nature of your rug.
Disclaimer: We do not fumigate rugs for moths or their eggs. Any latent moth eggs sometimes can survive a cleaning therefore we cannot warranty your rug against moth damage. As well, as all items are handled at customer risk that can be caused by delay, extremes in temperatures, dampness of atmosphere, fire or deterioration of time.
Please Note: We are able to keep your item(s) for 30 days only without a storage charge. Due to our limited space, after 30 days a fee will automatically begin to accrue.